A Fair and Affordable Aurora for All


A Stronger Economy for All

On city council, Crystal will make sure our city grows inclusively so that no one in Aurora is left behind.  
  • Aurora needs smart economic growth that brings opportunity and jobs while putting our local communities and small businesses first and preserving our neighborhoods and culture.
  • We must address the income disparity in Aurora.  The median income in Aurora in 2015 was $53,559.  In Ward 6, it was $87,401. In Ward 1, it was $34,676.  
  • On average, 61.5% of Aurora’s residents have at least some college education, that is only 34.8% in Ward 1, with 65.3% of Ward 1’s residents having no college education at all.  Of that 65.3% – 21.6% have less than a 9th grade education. This is an educational and economic crisis Aurora’s elected leaders must address NOW!


Affordable and Attainable Housing for All

On City Council, Crystal will fight to keep families in their homes, for affordable housing options, and responsible city development.
  • Crystal’s top policy priority is affordable housing. She will fight to make sure families can stay in their homes and implement policies that get renters on a path to homeownership.  
  • Ward 1 in Aurora has the highest number of renters, the highest number of vacant housing units, and by far the lowest number of homeowners.
    • 61.1% of Ward 1 housing units are renter occupied v. 40.4% in Aurora
    • 10.4% of Ward 1 housing units are vacant v. 6.1% in Aurora
    • 28.5% of Ward 1 housing units are owner occupied v. 53.5% in Aurora
  • We must take action to ensure Aurora families are not priced out of our city by the rising cost of living.


Robust and Accessible Public Transit for All

Crystal knows Aurora’s people need affordable public transit that moves people not just cars, is safe, accessible, and helps our WHOLE community.
  • 90.3% of Ward 1’s residents work in jobs outside of  9-5 work hours. Many of these workers cannot afford their own cars. Aurora needs public transportation that helps these workers get to their jobs.
  • As Aurora grows, we need to look at incentives for residents commit to public transit. Public transit is often too expensive or inaccessible to residents.  We can fix that.  
  • Crystal is committed to making Aurora a city that works for all its residents as well as preparing us for the future. Accessible and affordable public transportation should be a priority for all of Aurora’s elected leaders.  


City Government that Listens To and Represents All

On City Council, Crystal will regularly meet with stakeholders across the political and economic spectrum to make sure the residents of Aurora and specifically Ward 1 know what is happening and have a say in decisions that will affect their lives.  
  • Aurora’s residents deserve transparency in the decision making process of how Aurora’s government spends their tax dollars.
  • Aurora’s residents should have a seat at the table and a greater voice when the City is considering something that will impact their daily lives.
  • We are a stronger community when we embrace diversity. Crystal is a strong supporter of DACA and will work to reverse the Council’s decision to prohibit Aurora from becoming a sanctuary city.