About Crystal


An Aurora native fighting for our whole community

Crystal is a proud native of Aurora, Colorado. Crystal’s family has lived in the same home in Aurora they moved into 20 years ago. Growing up in an immigrant household and neighborhood, Crystal experienced the meaning of grit, hard work, and determination.

Integral to her culture and upbringing, Crystal was taught the importance of giving back to her community and sought to make change through her education. She attended both Aurora and Cherry Creek public schools. In 2015, Crystal became the first in her family to graduate high school and college when she received her Bachelor of Science and Business Administration from the University of Denver.

Crystal currently works for DU as an Advancement Fellow in the Alumni Center. She is a committed advocate for the community and helps others become passionate, resilient change-makers in a way that stays true to her Mexican-American heritage. Now more than ever we need representative leadership to help solve problems that affect us all.

Upon graduation, Crystal immediately got to work serving the community. She serves on the Citizen Advisory Committee on Housing and Community Development for the City of Aurora and on the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Council for the State of Colorado. Her strong affinity for Aurora and deep sense of commitment to her community has empowered her to take that commitment to the next level.

Crystal is running for Aurora City Council, Ward 1 this year to make change on a systemic level. Crystal believes that everyone in Aurora is a valuable member of the community whether they moved here 50, 20 or 2 years ago. She wants to empower them find a voice in our city government to build a connected and thriving community.